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How Does it Feel to Be Black?

It’s 2022 and I’m still contemplating your question. I stared at you wondering if we’d ever met and we had. We met when we read together in the fifth grade. We met once at the arcade when you told my mom that we should leave and “give other folks” a chance to play. We met once at a party when you took the lights off and challenged everyone else to find me in a dark room.

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I Got Vaccinated Because I’m Selfish

We talked about our mistrust in the system and our desire to see what happens after obtaining more data. She read the initial reports and concerns with that particular trial. Far from an anti-vaxxer, she just wanted to make sure that benefits outweighed the risks. I just didn’t want to kill my mom.

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So, You Want to Be a Cop?

The year is 2021. You still want to be a cop. You also want to be a doctor to cure my mom’s lupus; the president, so that you can help people; and a “gamer kid” with a YouTube channel and a few million followers.

I want all of that for you.

I want you to be successful in whatever you want to do and feel empowered to go after your dreams. I want you to grow up without fear that your life will be taken by those who have sworn to protect and serve.

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